What are the advantages of high school students studying in Australia

作者:Estelle    發表日期:2020-03-19 20:23:34

In recent years, many parents have sent students to study abroad when they were young, hoping to cultivate their children's international perspective from an early age. The quality of teaching in Australian secondary schools is relatively high, and all aspects of the exam are more humane. What are the specific advantages? The following is what the editors of Study Abroad Network bring to you. What are the advantages of studying abroad in Australia for secondary students, I hope to help everyone Hong Kong universities.

I. Advantages of studying abroad

in education aspect:

The quality of education in the country has always been relatively high. I believe everyone has heard of it. After all, everyone can see that in the comprehensive and single subject lists of QS, the universities in the country are ranked relatively high, and the ranking can reflect the universities in the country. Quality of education. Besides, the quality of middle school education in the country is actually more stringent, especially when the country is in middle school, it will pay great attention to students' English. It can be said that after graduating from high school in the country, their IELTS will basically be 5.0 This level is relatively high.

In terms of costs:

In terms of expenses, if you compare with the British and American sides, the tuition fees will be less. The teaching level of the British and American sides is higher, but the price level will also be higher, so the cost will be higher. In Australia, the quality of education is also very good. The cost of living, training and even tuition will be relatively low. The country also has welfare insurance for students. These can save students a lot of costs. In general, cost-effective.

Life aspect:

In terms of the country's entire environment, like the comfort of all aspects of the country's cities, it has been ranked by the United Nations and ranked in the TOP10 of the world's most suitable settlement cities. It has also been far ahead in the world's beautiful cities list. study in Hong Kong In addition, there are many technical immigration universities in this country, which have attracted many outstanding students. Of course, many other countries have immigrated here. The English language environment in this country is relatively good. When children can go to middle school, they will go there. The country feels the influence of this language environment. In the process of growing up, students can actually learn a lot, what they can't learn in books, can feel a lot of education in the west of the country, which is conducive to the initial development of students' overall thinking.

Second, the advantages of middle school

Study environment:

Classes in the country are taught in English, and there will be a lot of teaching in life, allowing students to improve their language in a pure English environment. There is also an English environment for students' daily life. Everyone knows that children's language learning should start from a young age. Going to middle school in the country is an advantage for children to learn languages.

Course content:

You may not know much about the middle school courses in the country. When the country is a middle school, students have to take eight courses. top universities in hong kong Although students only need to choose eight courses, generally speaking, there are 50 courses in middle schools There is a lot of room for students to choose, even for smaller middle schools, 30 courses will be set up for students to choose. The second aspect is that the compulsory course is only English, and other subjects are actually equivalent to electives. This can greatly cultivate students 'personal hobbies and improve students' comprehensive aspects.